The 2016 Character Awards is a book tag created by Cait over at Paper Fury, an Aussie book blog we adore to bits. If you’re missing some colour in your life, please behold her colour explosions which she refers to as her bookstagram shots. Anyway, I decided to participate in her tag nominating the best characters of books we’ve read in 2016. Please also go check out her hilarious post and, if you run a blog, consider joining these informal book awards and maybe bring some underrated characters to our attention which have been looked over (yes, this is a stabby sideswipe at the 2016 Goodreads Choice Awards. So sue me). Because time is running out like sand between my fingers, I’ve decided to copy an assorted collection of Cait’s award categories instead of the 20 she has originally set up (I mean, honestly, which average human being can keep up with this amount of blogging, reading, reviewing, and writing? Nina out).

Obviously, this post is NOT entirely spoiler-free for the mentioned books because of reasons. If you see a cover of a book you haven’t read and would not like to be previously spoiled for (though people’s importunate GR status updates might have already taken care of that), then either read on or skip this post altogether. Consider yourself warned, folks.

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