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The End of the Year Book Tag 2017

Hey everyone! I was having a bit of a reviewing slump, so I decided to do the End of the Year Book Tag by the lovely Ariel Bissett (in case you’re wondering: Yes, you should totally check out her channel). This tag does not so much reflect on the reading year of 2017 but rather focuses on the months leading up to the end of the year. And I can honestly say, I have rarely been so glad for a year to end, because 2017 has not been good to me. But more on that when I do a reflect-on-2017 post in December. Feel free to do this tag on your blog, vlog, or bookstagram – just remember to give credit to Ariel!

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The Mid-Year Book Freakout 2017 Tag

Hey everyone! The MID-YEAR BOOK FREAKOUT tag has been popping up on book-related social media during the months of June and July, and it’s really popular among book bloggers and tubers. I thought it’d be cool to participate, especially since our friends’ posts have been so inspiring. This tag was created by booktubers Chami at ReadLikeWildfire and Ely at Earl Grey Books.

So far, 2017 has not been the best of reading years (perhaps coinciding with not having had a great year so far in general). In 2015, I had 20 books on my annual favourites shelf. In 2017, I’ve added 4 so far which isn’t very promising, is it? Due to my workload at university, I also haven’t been able to squeeze in a lot of reading time. I’ve read 21 books so far and I’m currently 4 books behind on my GR challenge. Nevertheless, I’ve read some really good books this year, and since this tag also talks about disappointments, you’ll be in for a few rants as well. Let’s begin with my bookish review of the first half of 2017, shall we?

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The Liebster Award!

Hello everyone, long time no see! Due to a tough semester and especially our finals at university, we’ve both been pretty inactive in terms of reviewing and blogging. However, during our most stressful month, a lovely message reached us: Jasmine over at Reading With Jax aka Life Of A Simple Reader has nominated us for the Liebster Award! Not only is this award a great means for bloggers to discover other blogs, it’s also a way to recognize the effort that goes into creating and actually running a blog (because it sure doesn’t stop after the groundwork, yikes). When it started out, the Liebster Award was awarded to blogs with less than 2000 readers, but apparently it has become so popular, that this number has been lowered to 200 readers – in other words, either “newbie” or simply less known blogs. Our blog is not even a year old (look how he’s grown, though! Our smol son!), so the fact that someone who likes and reads our blog has nominated us for such an award is the dream.

First of all, we’d love to extend our warmest thanks and tightest hugs to our dear fellow blogger for doing us the honour of nominating us for the Liebster Award! Jasmine is a lovely person with whom we both love to interact in the book community. We love her blog for its diverse posts, ranging from reviews to tags, and for its simple but neat and easily navigable layout.  You should definitely check out her own blog as well (link featured above) 🙂

So, we’ve been nominated, but now what? Well, the Liebster Award involves a certain set of rules which are to be followed if nominated or as a new participant.

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Unpopular Opinion Book Tag

So first off, exams are finally over for the both of us and WE’RE BACK. I thought I’d recommence blogging with a really cool book tag I spotted over at tildareads because it’s short and ranty, which pretty much sums up my person (if anyone knows whom this tag traces back to, please let me know, so I can give credit). I love gushing about my favourite reads with others, but sometimes I also like to focus on the books I didn’t like, especially when I feel like the black sheep. Feel free to join in and either do the tag or comment with some of your own suggestions to these questions! 🙂

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Characterising your co-blogger!

Last year, a friend of ours created a tag wherein she described herself in five literary characters (unfortunately her blog is no longer live). We loved the idea but found it difficult (and a little odd) to describe ourselves in that way. But then we came up with the idea to describe each other as friends and co-bloggers instead. Albeit presenting quite a challenge, describing and characterising each other was heaps of fun and strengthened our friendship, too. We each picked 5 literary characters for the characterisation, the condition being that these characters shared one or more significant personality trait(s) with the co-blogger. Below, you will find the character compared to the person, which book the character appears in, and a comparison of characteristics. We hope you have as much fun reading this – while slowly getting to know us better through the lenses of our significant others – as we had creating this post! 🙂

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2016 Character Awards #BookTag

The 2016 Character Awards is a book tag created by Cait over at Paper Fury, an Aussie book blog we adore to bits. If you’re missing some colour in your life, please behold her colour explosions which she refers to as her bookstagram shots. Anyway, I decided to participate in her tag nominating the best characters of books we’ve read in 2016. Please also go check out her hilarious post and, if you run a blog, consider joining these informal book awards and maybe bring some underrated characters to our attention which have been looked over (yes, this is a stabby sideswipe at the 2016 Goodreads Choice Awards. So sue me). Because time is running out like sand between my fingers, I’ve decided to copy an assorted collection of Cait’s award categories instead of the 20 she has originally set up (I mean, honestly, which average human being can keep up with this amount of blogging, reading, reviewing, and writing? Nina out).

Obviously, this post is NOT entirely spoiler-free for the mentioned books because of reasons. If you see a cover of a book you haven’t read and would not like to be previously spoiled for (though people’s importunate GR status updates might have already taken care of that), then either read on or skip this post altogether. Consider yourself warned, folks.

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