“Books are uniquely portable magic.”
– Stephen King

Welcome to Every Word A Doorway! Reviewing is hard but rewarding work and has become a major part of our lives, so we decided to set up our own little personal review library. We regard words as vessels that open doorways to fictional worlds, transform thoughts and feelings, and take you on unexpected journeys. We primarily dabble in the fantasy genre for young adults, but we have begun to expand our horizons as you’ll notice from the wide spectrum of genres on our blog.

Every Word A Doorway aims to be a source of inspiration and to help you pick your next read, so feel free to roam our reviews, which are ordered by title and author also. As we’re both not only obsessed with reading but with the actual craft itself, you might find a post on creative writing as well from time to time.


About Nina

Nina.BookNina is a 23-yr old bibliophile from Switzerland. While pursuing her graduate studies in Psychology, she tries to squeeze in reading, reviewing, writing, and fangirling with fellow book lovers. Her preferred genre is fantasy – be it young adult, adult, urban, low or high fantasy – as the impossible becomes possible. In the right mood, she will snoop in the contemporary, historical fiction, mystery, and biography section. Finding niches in her room to put books has become somewhat of a sport. Her Sicilian roots heavily influence her fascination with organised crime, fondness for lemons, and constant frustration with the speed limit. The acquisition of foreign languages is a loved but direly neglected hobby. Travelling, to both fictional realms and faraway countries, is one of the great joys in her life. In winter, you’ll find her on the slopes; in summer, on or underwater. But wherever she goes, Nina always has a book with her.

About Chantal

Chantal.Book Chantal is a 20-yr old book lover from Switzerland, but goes to university in the UK where she studies Marketing. When she’s not busy writing papers or studying for exams, she reads, reviews, writes and peruses book blogs, Booktube channels and bookish Instagram accounts. Her favourite genre is fantasy – both adult and young adult – because she loves nothing more than being confronted with new fascinating worlds that are unlike her own. Recently, she has also been getting more into thrillers, mysteries and historical fiction. As a daydreamer who cannot go a day without music or green tea, she, when given the choice, would rather stay home with a book than go out, though this may be frowned upon by her peers. Chantal’s biggest love is for storytelling, whether that be through writing, marketing, or performing arts doesn’t matter; she firmly believes that stories are one of the single most important things in life as they allow access to other people’s thoughts and feelings.