Month: January 2018

GR Reading Challenge 2018 – yes or no?

Since I joined Goodreads (the popular book reviewing site known to most readers) in 2014, I’ve done two reading challenges – one in 2016, a year during which I had plenty of time to read, and one in 2017, a year during which I had to fight hard to squeeze in time to read.

In my experience, a reading challenge has its advantages and its disadvantages for any reader, but especially for busy ones. I’m somewhat hesitant about doing a reading challenge this year because I didn’t enjoy the experience in 2017 (though to be fair, there were a lot of things I didn’t enjoy last year, so my reading goals may have been collateral damage).

As I sat down to draft this post, I thought to myself: What are the reasons to participate in a reading challenge or to refrain from so much as pledging a single book? Note that this is a spontaneous compilation of pros and cons. I’m sure there are plenty more arguments for pros and cons than those I’ve mentioned. You’re more than welcome to share your own thoughts in the comments!

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Chantal’s 2017 Reading Recap & 2018 Resolutions

Hi. I don’t really know how to start this because a) I just came back from Singapore (14 hour flight) and am sleep-deprived and b) I’ve been away from here for WAAAY too long and I don’t really have a proper explanation or justification. All I can say is that I love all of you reading this and that I hope that you still care somewhat about my book-related thoughts.

Also: Happy new year!! I hope that 2018 will be the year when all your dreams come true and your lives will be filled with love, laughter and happiness <3

I will be writing a couple of posts wrapping up the 2017 reading year which has also been my worst reading year (in regard to quantity) since I started writing reviews on Goodreads. I set my reading challenge to 50 books this year but only ended up reading 40. What upsets me more however, is the fact that I somewhat abandoned the blog and left Nina on her own. I’m not usually the type of person to neglect a commitment so this is something I hope to remedy in the new year.

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